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The Lions Club Annual Independence Day Parade

The July 4th parade is almost here and it’s shaping up to be another great Lions event with about 50 different groups participating again this year!!

This year’s parade follows the same parade route as previous years. The parade procession will start on Route 37 in front of the Sr. Center parking lot and proceed south to Route 39, then turn west on to Route 39 and continue past New Fairfield Town Hall and onto Memorial Field. An awards ceremony with the presentation of trophies for the best floats and groups in the parade will take place at the Lions Gazebo, hot dogs and water will be served by the Lions Club.

The parade will start promptly at 9:30am. The police will perform a ‘soft close’ of the streets at 8:45am and a ‘hard close’ at 9:00am with police and road barriers at the following locations:

  • The intersection of Route 37 and Route 39

  • Route 37 at Beaver Bog Road

  • Route 37 at Sawmill Road

  • Route 39 at Barnum Road

After 9:00am only parade participants will be allowed to have vehicles on Route 37 and 39 inside the barriers so plan to arrive before 8:45am

For Participants with youth groups that will have parents drop off their children to march in the parade. In previous years, some parents look to park along Route 37 or wait with their car alongside the parade line-up until the head (Adult) of the participant group arrives. This is not a ‘road safe’ practice, it can lead to a dangerous situation since there are still vehicles moving along route 37 until 8:45am, and it also leads to vehicle congestion along Route 37 creating delays for other participants trying to line up promptly. Adults who are leading youth group participants should arrive early so parents dropping off kids do not have to wait. Parents dropping off kids can also park in one of the parking lots at Route 37 and 39 and walk children to their participant line-up spot.

We thank everyone for their support and cooperation, we look forward to another successful, fun and safe parade we can all enjoy!!


New Fairfield Lions Club

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